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Upper aerodigestive tract means mouth, pharynx and larynx. Air and aliments go through them until trachea then lungs and oesophagus then stomach.

The mouth communicates with the pharynx, where the air and aliments arrive. The air goes then in the larynx, which is continued by the trachea. The aliments go in the hypopharynx, which is continued by the oesophagus.

The larynx contains the vocal cords whose vibration creates the voice. Between the vocal cords there is the epiglottis, which, during the deglutition, will prevent the aliments from going into the larynx and send them into the oesophagus.

Most of the upper aerodigestive tract cancers begins on the mucous membrane: it's about epidermoid carcinomas in more than 95% of cases. Other types of cancers are rare: adenocarcinomas, malignant lymphomas, sarcomas.                         More...


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Across the world, doctors, specialists and research analysts are constantly researching on upper aerodigestive tract cancer. An increasing number of hospitals and development centers have dedicated enormous amounts of time.    More...