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Ovarian cancer is not a single disease. There are over 30 types and sub-types of ovarian malignancies, each with their own histopathologic (diseased tissue) appearance and biological behaviour.

Ovaries are two female glands situated close to the uterus. They are responsible for the secretion of sexual hormones and for making the ovules. One ovule is ejected each month by one ovary, and can became an embryo is fertilized by a spermatozoa.

This cancer develops slowly and provokes few symptoms. There are no screening examinations that enable to detect this cancer precociously. It's thus important to stay attentive to the warning signs, even if they are difficult to detect.

Most of the times, the tumours that affect the ovary are benign. They look like cysts with liquid in them. But sometimes malignant tumours can occur.                           More...


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