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Lungs are the organs responsible for the gas exchanges between the blood and the air: gas carbon is eliminated while oxygen, which is essential to the body functioning, is absorbed. The air enters the lungs through the mouth, larynx and trachea. There are two lungs, situated in the rib cage on both sides of the heart. They constitute the main part of the respiratory system. They are divided in parts called lobes.

Lungs are exposed to a lot of toxic substances we inhale, such as pollution or tobacco, that's why lung cancer is so frequent.

There are two kinds of lung cancers: small cell and non-small cell lung cancer (the most frequent). These two forms do not growth identically and have different treatments. The small cell lung cancer is the more serious because it cannot be detected early, and most of the time, when we discovered it, cancer has spread to other organs.

Non-small cell lung cancer: This is the most common type of lung...               More...


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